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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Tomorrow is our last full day in Cankuzo, we will probably spend a half day here on Friday before meeting the Nembuye team in Rutana.  It has been a good week.   The leaders are so ready to learn and hungry for more teaching.  They sit from 8am - 5 PM with a short break in the morning and a break for lunch.   There were a few nodding heads this afternoon however as we ploughed through some of the material I have been asked by them to cover.   I am not surprised after seeing the huge helpings of food the put away during lunch though.

The Nyembuye Mission Medics team are by all accounts doing well.   Clare and Anna we delighted to tell me that they had been involved in a birth yesterday and Anna wanted to pack the new baby away in her suitcase to bring it home.   Governments see that newborn as an added statistic on the way to 10 Billion inhabitants in the earth, parents see it perhaps as another mouth to feed however God see that wee one as one of His and packed full of potential to produce a wonderfully effective life.   I wonder how it will fair as it approached the troubles of Burundi and the abject poverty of its family.

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