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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Image: from left to right... Chris, Anna, Clare, Hugh, Frederic.

Good morning from the beautifully sunny Bujumbura! We won't be here for long however as Chris, Clare and I are preparing for our journey 'up-country' to Nyembuye where the real work will commence. In the meantime Hugh is leaving us to teach a couple of groups on leadership, please pray for us all!

The word of the day seems to be inspiration; it's hard not to be inspired by the people and beauty of this place despite the acute poverty we see. The past couple of days have been spent meeting partners at Rema and the Hope Centre. I've felt really blessed hearing their stories which reflect the healing this country is going through after such a devastating history and the sacrifices and forgiveness key to this progress. Hello to everyone supporting us back in the UK and to the team in Haiti, God bless!


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