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Friday, 20 July 2012

I am now in Cyangugu (Chang Goo Goo) Rwanda, I haven't heard yet but I expect the team to be home safely.
Cyangugu hangs on the side of the mountains that surround the Rwanda side of the south part of Lake Kivu. It is really a beautiful part of the world.  In the image below you can see DR Congo to the right side of the river and Rwanda to the left.
Pastor John Paul Munganga came to visit me from DR Congo to pick up a laptop, printer, a piano keyboard and some Christian books I had carried from the UK.  He was so blessed by these and wants to say a huge thank you to the donors of these items, you know who you are.   He had travelled a very long way from Bukavu and beyond to come to meet me.   DR Congo is vast.   Mission International now has a formal invitation to go to Congo to train church leaders.

 Above the chalet I am staying in which is part of the Anglican church's Peace Guest House.
Preaching the Gospel in a remote village about 1 hour's drive from Cyangugu.

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