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Sunday, 22 July 2012

During the last few days I have been preaching in a village about an hour's drive from Gyangugu called Gisuma.   This area, as I have already indicated, was one of the major focuses for the Genocide in '94.   The region was known as the 'Turquoise Sector' and was supposed to be a safe haven for the fleeing Tutsis from the Hutu militia, however it took the French peacekeepers so long to get their act together that the Interahamwe militia got there first and they massacred almost everyone.   We passed a number of Genocide memorials on the way and Charles my interpreter commented as we passed one that 8,000 people were killed in this Roman Catholic Church 

 The lad pictured above led the choir of orphan sponsored kids, for me these were the best of the many choirs we were presented with during each service for the whole time we were there.
 Sunday was a special service in many ways, it was a confirmation service for lots of new believers, it was the first visit of Bishop Nathan to this church and it was also a fundraiser for the church building which is in the process of being built.   This sheep was one of the many offerings brought by the rural community in an attempt to raise the funding to continue with the church building project.   Other brought eggs, sugar cane and some even donated a load of bricks.

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