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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

All in a mornings work.... before we leave that is!

Some of the Rema team are travelling with me as interpreters and a driver.  I managed to capture them this morning before leaving for the church to get involved with the day's tasks.

 Here (above) Frederic irons a shirt for François who takes forever to get ready in the mornings, and any other time for that matter.
 François (above) fumbles with a coffee flask which likes to dribble copious amounts of his 'liquid gold' on to the floor on its way to the cup.   We went out and bought a new flask because the loss of his beloved coffee just will not do!  He is an avid Burundi coffee fan.
Peter the driver (above) stuffs a omelette roll in his mouth at breakfast.   He has an upset stomach and so tries to cure it by eating more and more.   The thought of fasting for a day or two is sacrilegious to him.  This man manages to pack two heaped dinner plates full of food away and lunch time, then at dinner time two more and can still slide a Scooby snack away whenever required.

Our day was spent, in the morning, doing a survey of the previous work done by Rema Ministries here, then we had lunch.   The folks debated whether too have one or two hours for lunch, this took about 20 mins; then we stopped for lunch about 13.30 to find that lunch was not yet ready, so we hung around for an hour waiting and retuned to the seminar at 15.10??   

The afternoon session on the Call of God was interesting and enjoyable to teach.   Once I had finished at the allotted time of 17.00 they started to fire questions at me, mainly on issues of family planning.   The church teachings are so varied and the leaders are confused.   A very long debate ensued which no doubt will be picked up tomorrow.   They also asked a list of further questions for me to deal with tomorrow.   Seems like its going to be another busy night.

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