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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday is almost over, the service this morning was good, the people worshipped beautifully and from the heart, they sang a song at one time called "We'll be together in Jerusalem" which raised the roof.  After preaching a further 20 people responded seeking to come to faith which was a real joy to see.   We went to the pastors tiny house for a large lunch of chicken, rice, roast potatoes and spinach, followed by a huge slice of fresh, ripe pineapple.  

After lunch we headed back to the hotel and I managed to catch the F1 text report on the internet mixed with playing games with a wee lass who joined me to draw pictures, fly the paper aeroplane a bit more and take photos with digital camera, (she has some wonderful shots of her mums feet and the tile floor in the dining room) she has loads of energy and so I was a bit jaded by the time she was called away by her mum.   She has taken a real shine to my world band radio too, I can see it has a higher calling.   I also tried to catch the Murray Federer final however I ran out of airtime on my internet dongle.   By the time I had gotten more airtime it was all over.   Now I have just finished supper, a meal of roasted sweet potatoes with cabbage, spaghetti and a huge chunk of boiled pumpkin, washed down with a cup of Burundian Coffee.

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