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Monday, 23 July 2012

I am on the way home at last, the first leg of my return journey is over.   All being well I should be home sometime on Wednesday.
We travelled the 6 hour road trip from Cyangugu to Kigali through the Nyungwe National Park, a large area of rainforest which covers both sides of the main road as we climbed and climbed and then climbed some more.   The old Land Rover discovery handled the challenge well and was a very comfortable car to travel such a long (in terms of time) road which was in need of a lot of repair for a good part of the way.   During this part of the journey is the only time I have seen rain for the whole trip.   I expect the folks back in Blighty wont be saying that at least.

During the trip through the forest we saw a truck which had been carrying a load of cattle tipped over on a corner (I didnt manage to get a photo of it) the one in the image above was a bit further on, on a straight stretch of road, I have no idea why it was in such a position, it really looked impossible to get from the road into this position without a lot of help.

Tonight Esther, Bishop Nathan's wife, took me with her daughter and the driver to Cactus a Pizza place for dinner.   This was a really nice way to conclude what has been an eventful few weeks!   See you all soon!

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