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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

We made it - eventually!

The team arrived in Burundi on Sunday afternoon after having an impromptu stop over in Nairobi.   We arrived in Nairobi from Paris unaware that there were events taking place in Nairobi which meant that our flight was cancelled all together.   We were told that we had to make our way to immigration so that we could get visas for Kenya and be taken to a hotel for the night.   We were put up in a £120 a night place about half an hour from the airport and provided with a meal and a beautiful room.   The next morning at 5am the bus was supposed to pick us up but arrived 2 hours late, making us very late for the flight, however due to industrial action or some other as yet unknown issue the flight was held up for a further hour and we all managed to get it.

The mission medics part of the team are now in Rutana (Nyembuye) and the rest of us in Gatumba douing work with kids and church leaders.

Dont hold your breath for long posts since this is a painfully slow connection - I will do my best.

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