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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Leaving Milles Colline behind!

Those who remember the movie Hotel Rwanda will perhaps recognise the name Milles Colline; the hotel where the movie is based in the centre of Rwanda's bustling capital.   Milles Colline is of course French for 1000 hills and is the other name by which Rwanda is known around the world.   My last visit here was in 2006 as I travelled from Uganda en route to Burundi.   The whole country has changed so much that I am in fact astounded.   Roads are tarmacked, homes are in good order, the place looks clean and tidy in general.   The capital, Kigali, is modern and thriving with new malls and supermarkets like any other city in the world.   One of the most encouraging changes is the traffic speed limits.  Now main roads are limited to around 55mph which makes the whole experience of being here so much less hair raising.

I have spent my time with Rev Nathan Amooti and Bishop Louis Muvunyi (Anglican Bishop of Kigali) being shown some of the projects with which they would like to partner with Mission International to progress.   There are still many needs in Rwanda, however it is encouraging to see, like in no other African country that I have visited, the way in which funding is being used to develop the country from the government down.   I am sure that every penny of international aid is being properly used here, otherwise the progress would not be taking place so quickly ad effectively.

Today (Sunday) I leave Rwanda for Morogoro in Tanzania, I will be strangely sad to leave, I have so much enjoyed my time renewing friendships and seeing the way in which the whole nation is moving on so quickly.

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