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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Moving along the lakeside!

The part of the team which has remained in the Bujumbura (capital city) area since arrival will today set off to the town of Rumonge which lies on the side of Lake Tanganyika, towards the border with Tanzania.   This town has a very high number of refugee returnees in the area and so is in great need.   We will be serving in a local Anglican church there and will spend time training church leaders and working amongst the many children who will come to see the Mzungu (white people).

Good reports are still coming in from Hannah, Nicola, Jackie and Chris who form the Mission Medics (Dental/Medical) part of the team.   They remain in Nyembuye and that area near to Rutana and continue to serve the people there who have little or no access to any medical or dental provision.

Many peoples lives are being [positively impacted by our being here.   Some by the practical skills of those who have come and some spiritually as they hear God's Word and respond to it.

Please continue to pray for us as we deliver what we have come for and pray for those we serve that they too will gain the maximum benefit from our service.

Hannah and Shannon leave to go home on the 22nd since they can not remain for the whole team deployment.   Please pray for them as they go back and for us as we say goodbye to them as this wont be easy for them or us.

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